Here are 3 tips we hope will help you pick the (right) one!

Way too often we see brides falling in love with two dresses. We get it, there are so many styles, shapes and materials and you just want them all! Sometimes they are completely different that you can’t compare and sometimes they are so similar it’s hard to know which is the right one to go for. 

We’ve got 3 tips on how this could help you to figure out which is YOUR wedding dress.


When you’re in your appointment it can feel overwhelming, confusing and that you want to keep trying and trying so you can figure out which is the one for you.  It can seem like going through each detail of each dress will help you decide but sometimes it helps to just try (and I know it’s not easy!) to stop thinking about it for a day or two and then revisit the next week with a fresh head.  When we dwell or try to pick out likes/dislikes on each dress it’s hard to remember how we felt in it or why you love home both so much.  Usually when you step back and revisit you’ll be sure as soon as you try on the one you want to wear on your wedding day!


Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself as you would on your wedding day in your appointment as your make-up might not be done, you’ve got post gym hair and the light isn’t right.  One trick which might be helpful is to close your eyes, imagine yourself on your wedding day putting on your dress and walking down the aisle towards your favorite person and then ask yourself, ‘What dress am I wearing?’ Sometimes the answer might jump out at you and make the decision for you!


I know it sounds obvious and sometimes your gut doesn’t always scream out “PICK THE LACEY ONE!” but your gut is the most trustworthy feeling you can go with.  Often, lots of factors go into making a decision to buy a wedding dress such as friends and families opinions, what will look timeless/what is in fashion, what will match the venue and the list goes on.  But really all that matter is how you feel when you’re in it.  You should feel like the best, most amazing version of yourself and that’s all that matters.  So if your gut is itching towards the unconventional, fashion forward number and you feel shit-hot in it, then that’s your dress!

I really hope these 3 tips can help you figure out which one screams ‘YOU’ more!  If you have any worries or questions feel free to contact me at