Although I’ve technically posted a blog already, I want to make this the official first (wordy) blog post of Ginger + Poppy Bridal and use it as a little intro about the business and the face behind it and say hey to all you beautiful brides!

Welcome to our website and to our little bit of bridal boutique heaven which we are so excited to share with you!  I’m May, the creator of this little shop in Dubai, hopefully giving you the laid-back bride vibes you are looking for.

As I’m way over the 6 month mark and creeping up to the 1 year milestone of being open it feels way overdue to write a bit more on the website and start sharing advice for future brides, hooking you up with some inspiration on trends and styling for your big day and get a deeper look into our designers (current and future!) with dedicated ‘designer spotlight’ posts to show you all what they’ve been working on and any newness will be coming into the store.

Although we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we are trying to give our brides a way to still look for their dream dress through virtual appointments!  We hope it’ll be as much fun as we have in the shop just with mega social distancing measures to keep us and you guys safe!  You can find out more information about that here:


If you’re newly engaged then we can’t wait to (e-)meet you! Take a look around at our designers, styles and even our FAQ’s.  They will give you TONS of info that you need to know before you pop in and say hi!

If you wanna see any more on us then you can check out these articles for any tips and more about the store.